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We have a well-trained team of professionals, complete with a series of equipments to support our customers in projects.
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First Class Service

A-T Mould is committed to provide quality service and so ensure customer always come first. Our utmost priority is to satisfy customer through quality assurance and timely delivery.

The success of A-T Mould is attributed to its young group of qualified engineers and competent technical staff and its mission to provide reliable services to its customers. We strongly believe that Quality remains the sole responsibility of the customer service department. Every member of the customer has a role to play.
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Design & Development

Design & Development

Being responsible for each design and every process to reach the highest levels of satisfaction.
Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process

We have the expertise, experience and technology to meet demands with our moulding services.
Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Provide a higher level of professionalism in reliability and service that remain performance.

Design & Engineering

A-T Mould provides excellent technical support and design assistance to ensure projects run smooth and meet all design specifications.

  • A-T Mould is experienced in designing high quality, intricate, complex & precision tools.
  • A-T Mould is a proven partner in taking complex designs and finding engineering solutions that make production possible.
  • A-T Mould excels in bringing your concepts to plastic.
We adopt latest 2D and 3D programs. Our engineering and mould-making technology includes: AutoCAD (2D Modeling) & Uni-graphics (3D Modeling/CNC Programming)

Plastic Mold Fabrication

A-T Mould excels in fabricating high quality & cost-effective tools. From simple dies to complex multi-cavity molds, we take pride in providing the finest tools that meet customers’ specifications & requirements.

  • We ensure on-time delivery of high quality tools and molded parts. We achieve this by having strong in-house tool design & fabrication capabilities and also by maintaining strong our long-term relationships with our suppliers.
  • We will consult and select the best possible steel material which suit the functionality of customers products. After completing the fabrication process, the mold will be tested.

Injection Molding

Our facility equipped with injection machines ranging in size from 30-ton to 260-ton. All machines are equipped with robotic arm.
Types of molding provided:

  • Over Molding - injecting a thermoplastic onto another thermoplastic. Often used for "soft grips" on handles.
  • Insert Molding - placing metal terminals, threaded inserts, or other non-plastic items into the mold and then injecting plastic around them so that they become permanently fixed in the plastic part. Often used for electrical connectors.
  • Double-Shot Molding - Combines two plastic materials injected into the mold to form a single part with two visible colors. The molded-in graphics are embedded in the part and will not wear off with easily.

Secondary Processes

Besides our reputation in the community of plastic injection, our company provides many other services to cosmetic our products included:

  • Painting - We experience using all kind of paints available in the industry such as metallic colors, plastic colors, soft touch colors, rubber touch colors and EMI shielding painting.
  • Pad Printing/Silkscreen - As a completing job we print on all kind of plastic parts and elastomers. It is ideally suited for printing to all kinds of curved parts or parts with irregular shapes.
  • Sub-Assembly - We excel at intricate assemblies requiring secondary operations such as machining, fastening and welding as well as mechanical assembly.

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